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Western Juniper Commercialization Feasibility Study
for the Prineville Area

The overarching goal of this project was to foster the development of local businesses that remove and utilize western juniper in the Prineville area. The Juniper Group believes that creating and expanding such businesses will help restore local watersheds; generate living wage employment in value-added processing; create new long-term sources of finance for juniper treatments on public and private lands; and build community capacity to envision and implement sustainability projects

The specific objectives of this project were to complete a western juniper commercialization feasibility study for the Prineville area and to communicate opportunities and key considerations to business people, community leaders and public lands agency personnel. The core tasks of the feasibility study were to:

  1. Define the supply of juniper material for the Prineville area
  2. Prioritize areas for treatment based on anticipated ecological benefits
  3. Analyze costs and considerations of harvesting and transporting juniper material
  4. Characterize and map the road network available for performing juniper operations
  5. Identify public finance available to share costs of supply provision and business start-up
The links below include the final project report as well as other project deliverables such as maps and survey data.

Project Reports and Products