Western Juniper Forum '97: Making Progress

from the Western Juniper Newsletter, Vol. 2, No. 1, Summer 1997.

The ad hoc Western Juniper Steering Committee hosted a well-attended "forum" on April 21st in Bend at the Shiloh Inn. Over 140 people attended, ranging from land owners and land managers, to wood products manufacturers and resource conservation organizations. The one-day affair was organized around concurrent sessions featuring commercial/industrial and science/management topics.

In his opening remarks, Larry Swan, U.S. Forest Service, stated that: "The integrated approach of the ad hoc Western Juniper Steering Committee is the only public/private collaborative partnership of its kind in the U.S. It is directly involved or has links to projects involving everything from woodland biology to marketing in three states. There are other localized efforts, but none with such a wide scope or geographic coverage."

Larry summarized for the group examples of progress which has been made since a similar Western Juniper Forum was held in 1993:

According to Larry, probably the most significant indicator of support for the efforts of the ad hoc Western Juniper Steering Committee, is that Forum '97 has 10 sponsors who are contributing cash to keep down costs, compared to just one in 1993. The sponsors include all major Federal land-managing units in Oregon (BLM and U.S. Forest Service) as well as one from Northeastern California (Modoc National Forest).

Larry stresses that: "There is a huge amount more to do - but we have made and are continuing to make real progress in almost all areas related to environmentally sensitive and science-based management of western juniper woodlands, as well as commercial use of products derived from management activities."